Google Fu

If you feel like you've been missing something with Google, you probably have!

There is so much more to the world of Google than typing 'Best Pancakes in San Diego' in the search bar (although I do that quite a lot!)

In this class, we will spend an intense two hours MASTERING Google.

What does that mean for you as a product creator or Amazon seller?

Keyword information that will get your products to sell!:

I'll show you how to get an incredible level of keyword data.

Google can give you powerful suggestions for new keywords. I'll show you how I use Google’s keyword suggestions, along with search volume information to figure out which products are going to be popular, how to market them and who to market them to.

I'll even show you how to use competing Amazon listings to find and analyse new keyword suggestions.

Artwork, content and design resources for your white label products, books and t-shirts:

If you're doing Merch, CreateSpace or making packaging for your products, you'll find some great resources here.

Take trends to the next level!:

Know what's popular, monitor and compare trending information over time and use it for your marketing and product development. Perfect for print on demand products like t-shirts!


Correlate is one of the most underrated, powerful tools in Google. Use it to spot connections between trends and searches and turn those connections into bundles or product lines.

Genius level search tips:

Reveal hundreds of new products, sources and much more, with professional level search tips and commands.

And more!

GoogleFu is available as a standalone course for $39.99

Of if you buy our Quarter Four course, you can bundle it on for just $19.99!
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Google Fu
  • 2 hour intensive class
  • Master Google for product and market research
  • Thursday 20th October 4:30pm

Google Fu + Q4 Course

Get both classes for one low price.

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